2011 Friesian Gelding 

Quick Details

Price Range:    Low/Mid 5s

Temperament:    4 of 10

Breed:    Friesian

Sex:   Gelding

Height:   ~16.1 Hands

DOB:   2011

Xrays: Hock, Stifles and front fetlocks


Dam Sire: 

Jentse, the gelding we all need in our lives! He is not only dashingly handsome, but well behaved, easy on contact and to sit, willing and steady with beginners and just the right amount of forward. "Jet" as we call him has extensive trail riding experience with novice riders and has even been ridden around the farm in a halter. Schooling 1st/2nd level currently and quickly progressing. He will easily climb the levels of Dressage with his three correct and expressive gaits. This gelding will suit an AA looking for a Dressage partner or a steady horse to learn more on, while also wanting a horse to trail ride and relax on.  How can he get any better?!? Well, he also has collected many breed accolades including Ster status and an invitation in 2014 to stallion licensing (before gelding). Proving he is not only stunning, but a serious talent as well!