Nobello CPF

2018 KWPN Gelding

Quick Details

Price Range:    mid 5s

Breed:    KWPN

Sex:   Gelding

Height:   17+h

DOB:   2018

Sire: Indigro (Negro x Jazz)

Dam Sire: Krack C

Temperament: 4 of 10

Training: Undersaddle

       Nobello is the definition of tall, dark and handsome! At 17+h he impressed us right away on the body awareness and balance he has in all three gaits. But that is not the only highlight of this young gelding! His easy going personality and high degree trainability make him a super willing and quick study. He handles each new training phase like an old pro. Nobello is WTC undersaddle, long lines, cross ties, stands for farrier, ties, and trailers, all with ease and a calm attitude. He earned his "solid citizen" award when we decided to back him for the first time in the pouring rain, the second time he was ridden the neighbors lit off fireworks, both rides Nobello was focused and unimpressed with his crazy surroundings. With his correct conformation, three correct gaits and superior temperament you are looking at a champion in the making! He will make a lovely partner for an AA or Jr looking to build a horse thru the levels or a pro looking for an investment project. 

At the 2018 KWPN-NA keuring in Colorado Nobello was awarded a 1st Premuim and the highest score for young Dressage foals of the keuring!


This is what the jury had to say;


"Highest score of the keuring was awarded to a young dressage foal called Nobello CPF (sired by Indigro). This well-developed and long-lined colt has a good dressage type with sufficient muscling in his topline. He has a well-shaped, long croup and correct legs. Has trot shows good length of stride with sufficient power, and his canter is well balanced, powerful and shows uphill tendency."