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Katelyn Victoria Kok with DG Bar winner Gisella a KWPN Mare bred for dressage competition, a previous sale horse for an adult amature
  • USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist

  • L Grad with Distinction

  • Young Horse Specialist

  • National and Regional titles

  • Trained in Germany 

  • US Dressage Finals, Young Horse Dressage Championship, NAYC and Festival of Champions Competitor with top 10 placings

            Katelyn is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist,  L Grad with Distinction and FEI rider/coach.  She has worked with and trained under some of the USA’s most respected trainers including Pam Goodrich and Lendon Gray as well as Europe's most respected including Johann Hinnemann. She has spent several years in Germany riding and learning the art of Dressage from a Master Trainer. She has kept the pursuit of education close to her heart and knows to be successful in this sport you must continuously seek knowledge and be a lifelong student as well as a kind and attentive caregiver of horses.

            Katelyn has many successes under her belt already; among several USDF Regional Championships, she was the anchor rider in 2011 for Region 8 at the North American Junior Young Rider Championships and helped her team win the bronze medal and also was fifth individual. In 2013 she returned to the North American Junior Young Rider Championships and the Festival of Champions. Katelyn ended that year as one of the top 12 Young Riders in the country with a horse she brought to Prix Saint George herself under the tutelage of Pam Goodrich and Lendon Grey. In recent years Katelyn has earned her USDF Gold Medal, L Grad with Distinction, competed several horses at the US Dressage Finals as well as the Markel Young Horse Dressage Championships and helped her students achieve many goals in their riding! 

       In Germany Katelyn was the second rider for a successful international Grand Prix Rider and mentored under a Master Bereiter. She rode everything from stallions to Grand Prix horses to youngsters just getting their start in Dressage. She gained valuable experience by training sales projects and working with misbehaving horses. The experience she gained in Europe riding high quality horses and through learning Germany’s training system gives Katelyn an advantage and a unique approach in training her clients and horses in the USA.

           Katelyn is currently available for training, sales and lessons in Kansas City. She is one of only a few FEI riders willing to back young prospects and start them in their Dressage careers. She enjoys helping riders of all levels of riding and has a well rounded sales program helping horses and riders find their ideal match! 

Approach and Philosophy 


Dressage is a sport for every horse and every rider. Which means every horse and every rider needs to find the best way for them to approach their goals and aspirations to find success. Katelyn tailors her program and approach to the individual in order to maximize the learning, experience and success of each horse and rider. Her program is all inclusive with not only a focus on a typical 45 minute lesson, but mental and technical coaching off the horse to keep the progress and learning going consistently.  As well as goal setting, and therapies to make horse and rider comfortable in their work and fitness. 

This may be an individual sport, but it takes a team to be successful. If you are in Katelyn's program a successful team is what you will have. Not only coaching and training from a successful FEI rider and USDF Gold Medalist, but top vets, farriers, physios, facility and support. We want to see you have fun and enjoy your horse and your time training. The joy and partnership horses can bring into our lives is like nothing else. We are here to facilitate the best possible experience for you.


When it comes to sales, Katelyn believes is breaking through the grey area that exists in the process of searching and buying a horse. She does this by accurately representing the training and health of each horse she partners with to sell. Most horses on her sales list have been with her for some time being developed, shown and brought up the levels before being sold. This means you are seeing horses that have a long and in-depth relationship with the team and we can speak with confidence about their traits, successes and ability.   



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Katelyn Victoria Kok

USDF Gold, Silver & Bronze Medalist, L Grad with Distinction, Young Horse & Sales Specialist

Tel: 508-463-6482


Kansas City, Kansas

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